Friday, March 19, 2010


The ability to focus has always been an issue for me. It's not that I have a problem focusing on things it's more that i may focus too intensely at times and if that is the wrong thing or a minor thing's not good. I find myself all over the place these days trying to get it ALL done, and running from task to task. I am the "to do list" QUEEN! I can't live without one! So i get things done but sometimes it's the order in which they get done which is not..ideal. Anyway, I am determined to keep up THIS blog to keep my painting High on my mental priority list if not my everyday to do list.

Like today, I have a slew of orders to get out but I want to paint! I also need to clean up my house! BIG TIME! So what comes first? Well if your like me, you don't function well in chaos, so cleaning up will have to be first. Then the orders and then hopefully the painting. Here's a painting I did from my "Tribe Woman Focus" series and a little book I illustrated back in '04 titled "Never Finished, Never Done".The irony is clear, isn't it?

Have a Peaceful & Productive One!

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OMG...I can definately relate. I am a Queen without "focus". However, somehow I am happier with a wondering spirit as my guide. :)