Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It's a funny thing about having money. You never seem to have enough, seems people always need more than what they have(myself included). Some say that is materialistic but I don't agree, this is not about things. This is about freedom, the ability to make changes, to manifest your dreams. Back in the day a captive African could buy their freedom, today we can still buy freedom and the freedom of others. Whether that is a comfortable old age for your parents, or a back yard for your children to play in.That is Freedom. Much more important than a coach bag, a tiffany necklace or a $1,000 weave..that is enslavement.


Bri said...

I connect with your last sentence for the most profound reason I've had so far -- reproducing, children...It took no thought to understand that this is what my money is for! Look, something other than the mall is supposed to be getting what I work for! It was a mind blowing and completely natural understanding.

Smell Goods Lady said...


Sistah C said...

I love the new blog! I agree...I think people want stuff sometimes to fill a void. Once I was on unemployment and because I was sooo happy to be FREE I paid off all my debts while unemployed, lol! I realized that the money was not because I was unhappy, it was not fulfilling my dreams that was causing the debt.
Thanks again for the wisdom,
Sis. Camara

artgoddess360 said...

@ Bri: Give Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the post.The mall used to get too much of my money.
It's the reverse now.

@Smell Good Lady: Your just Da Bomb, thank you for your support!

@ Sistah C:
Give Thanks for the compliment. That's exactly what I need to do, pay off all my old bills!! Thanks for sharing your story!