Monday, February 22, 2010

Original Paintings for sale...

Here are a few paintings I did late last year that I have not put on sale on my website. If you would like to purchase one for your home contact me at

Top: "African Princess" $150.00. This piece is just one of those that painted itself. It has the feeling of something out anciency and that was something that just happened as I was painting it. It just makes me think of the first times I ever saw pictures of native African Women in a book. They looked so different to me, and other worldly but simply beautiful at the same time.

At Right: "fashion Consciousness" $150.00.
This painting refers to how what we wear, reflects how we think but also that you cannot judge someone strictly by their clothing. I think that sometimes an Afro-centric style can be a mask for a Eurocentric mindset and a Western corporate attire can disguise a pro-black, community minded Black Woman.

At Left: "Heaven & Earth" $120.00 Meaning that under her wrap, is her mind her "heavens" and below her head is her body which makes her and "Earth".

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