Friday, February 19, 2010

Welcome to My Art World!

This is the Art Goddess 360* Painting Blog! Some people may know me by my company name "Yes Lioness" and primarily for my t-shirts, but really that is only one of the things I create. I have other blogs that get into all the other things realated to my Art, but this blog is different to me. I'm devoting this one totally to my painting! I have a website where I showcase & sell my Art & all the things I do: ( Yes Lioness.Com )
But I really feel that my painting my firstborn child(figuratively speaking)doesn't get the attention that it deserves from me, now that all my other artistic babies have been born(t-shirts,greeting cards, books etc) so to speak. So this is where I will exhibit, discuss and share my artistic process. I hope you enjoy the ride and come back to visit often!

Art Goddess 360*

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Lotus of Wadi Arts said...

Sister, I am such a fan of your work, cannot wait to do the trade!